Yoda knit hat

I knitted a Yoda hat for my son a while ago but wanted to share it.

IMG_20170725_081316_582.jpgMy husband really wanted a Yoda knit hat for our son, I was going to buy one for him  cause  I can only knit scarves  and my crocheting skills are horrible. But I found this you tube video and you can do the whole thing using a circular loom which makes it soooo much easier and quicker to knit a hat. The ears can also be done on the loom which is pretty neat. I used to loom knit Barbie dresses as  a kid so this was a piece of cake.

Sewing Brindlle and Twig ringer kids tee


Hi everyone,

So I made the long sleeve version of the Brindlle and twig ringer tee.

The instructions are amazing. They have pictures of each step. And even instruction on printing and constructing the pdf  pattern. And did I mention this pattern is free?!

I made a size 3-4 year old shirt for my son even though my son is 18 months cause he’s a big boy and already wearing 2 year  old  clothing.

The shirt is made out of cotton/spandex fabric with anchors on it. So cute. This was also my first time using ribbed knit. And I loved it. It’s a lot easier to stretch and sew than using the same stretch fabric as the shirt. At least in my opinion. My husband really liked the nauticle fabric, and asked if I could make him something soon😊.

I will definitely be making their hoodie (also a free pattern). And purchasing some pants patterns. Check out their site.



Happy Sewing!




I learned how to sew

Hi everyone

In January I was finishing up my year of maternity leave and was getting ready to go back to work. I had so much anxiety and needed an  outlet. I had fortunately received (picked out of the garbage) a sewing machine which my mother in law was going throw out from one of her estate sales. I learned how to sew by watching a YouTube video that Gertie (Gretchen Hirsch) had made. It is such a no nonsense video and my first project were her napkins, then I did the clutch (lol mine looked more like a pencil case because of the fabric I used) . But this video gave me a running start.

If you’re planning on learning to sew. I highly recommend this video 😊

Happy Sewing!

Improve your drawing skills with Life drawing (NSFW)

I used to practice a lot of (non nude) life drawing  in high school. I remember my  teacher would make  a student  sit up  for a period of time  on a chair  while my class mates  drew. He’d try and  challenge us sometimes by  making us draw with a continuous line without lifting  our pencil  or we’d have to just look at the subject  and not at our paper.  I  found these  to be really great drawing exercises.

They  help you learn proportions of the body and help you  draw the human  body  a lot  quicker.



My sketches from the youtube video 

I  recently  found a nearby  life drawing classes ( nude).   It cost 15 bucks  for a drawing session for 2 hours. The model we had for the evening was amazing.  She was very aware of her body  and gave very  dynamic, different and  challenging poses. She was even aware  that the artists were  sitting in  a semi-circle so  she  tried to give everyone great angles and poses.  The lighting that was set  up was pretty good to give good shadow. The first couple of poses were 1 minute poses for gestures and warm ups….  OMG 1 minute poses are very  hard to  quickly draw but its about getting the gesture and right proportions and  no detail. But  I  found doing those 1 minute gesture poses made the 5 minute and 15 minute poses  feel so much longer and I was able to draw a lot of detail in 15 minutes. I highly recommend  finding a local life drawing drop in class near you.  They  are usually  held at  art schools ( and you necessarily have to be attending that school  to go)  or there are non-profitable art associations ( which is  what  I went to.)

If there are  no local life drawing classes  near you  there are great resources on the internet.  I  found this one on youtube. They have multiple life drawing videos for free!


So  what are you waiting for ?

Start practicing your life drawing skills!



Faber-Castell Colored Pencils

I  found a new medium that  I love! Colored Pencils!

I was first introduced to these  high quality  colored pencils by  a YouTuber Lachri. I loved her artwork she does realist animal colored pencil work. She also has great tips  on how to draw with theses colored pencils.


So I just bought myself 120 set of Faber-Castell colored pencils. And I am in love with them! I haven’t drawn a lot yet  I’ve done  small little samples. You can see them below


My first ever colored pencil drawing (in process)


My first ever colored pencil drawing (in process)


My first ever colored pencil drawing (in process)


My first ever colored pencil drawing (in process)


I need to practice using theses  pencils more and I  could like to  try  blending  the colors  with Mona Lisa odorless paint thinner as  Lisa  (Lachri)  has  advised.


I’ll be posting more of my colored pencil work as  they  get created. Stay Tuned.

DIY Painting Tutorial on Youtube

Hello Lovelies 🙂

I love the concept of paint nite. Where you go to  an art class at a local bar and you pay  to have a drink and paint for the evening with an instructor  guiding you through  a pre-planned painting. What a way to de-stress and have  fun with  friends.  It takes away thinking  and planning of an artwork. Which allows you to  focus on enjoying the process itself.

I love painting on my own but sometime  its so  hard or takes too long to come up with your own idea for a painting. I just want to pick up the paint brush and PAINT and destress!!

I found some  DIY painting tutorials on youtube that you can follow along and I love them. I  would love to invite my  friends over for some drinks and  follow a painting tutorial one day mimicking paint nite.

Here is what I ended up with  following a  video on Youtube.


Here’s the video I followed in order to achieve  my painting. I hope you  try this DIY and  enjoy yourself!


I’ve always wanted to write a blog…

I’ve always wanted  to write a blog, so  here goes nothing!

I  used to have an online journal, actually  now that I  think of it  I  used to spend a lot of my time as a teen  writing on live journal, deviant art, asianavenue ( why did I  ever let my best friend talk me into making a profile?..lol) my space ,  geocities website.  I  remember a lot of those pages required you  to know  some HTML  in order to  post  a picture or add a link.

In the past 5 years  I’ve been working non-stop.  Seriously I was trying to squeeze in time to sleep and see my loved ones.  I’ve been  working with my head down for so long I’m out of the loop with internet. Seriously  just found out what  the point of a hash tag was (OMG I’m getting old)

Things have slowed  down a  bit,  that or I’m getting better at this  balancing act as  chemist, fiance, aspiring marathon runner, closet artist, dog owner, home owner, soccer player and now blogger.

I created this blog so that I can  share with others  my personal experiences, passions, and ideas. So I  hope you join me  on my  blog  journey .