Improve your drawing skills with Life drawing (NSFW)

I used to practice a lot of (non nude) life drawing  in high school. I remember my  teacher would make  a student  sit up  for a period of time  on a chair  while my class mates  drew. He’d try and  challenge us sometimes by  making us draw with a continuous line without lifting  our pencil  or we’d have to just look at the subject  and not at our paper.  I  found these  to be really great drawing exercises.

They  help you learn proportions of the body and help you  draw the human  body  a lot  quicker.



My sketches from the youtube video 

I  recently  found a nearby  life drawing classes ( nude).   It cost 15 bucks  for a drawing session for 2 hours. The model we had for the evening was amazing.  She was very aware of her body  and gave very  dynamic, different and  challenging poses. She was even aware  that the artists were  sitting in  a semi-circle so  she  tried to give everyone great angles and poses.  The lighting that was set  up was pretty good to give good shadow. The first couple of poses were 1 minute poses for gestures and warm ups….  OMG 1 minute poses are very  hard to  quickly draw but its about getting the gesture and right proportions and  no detail. But  I  found doing those 1 minute gesture poses made the 5 minute and 15 minute poses  feel so much longer and I was able to draw a lot of detail in 15 minutes. I highly recommend  finding a local life drawing drop in class near you.  They  are usually  held at  art schools ( and you necessarily have to be attending that school  to go)  or there are non-profitable art associations ( which is  what  I went to.)

If there are  no local life drawing classes  near you  there are great resources on the internet.  I  found this one on youtube. They have multiple life drawing videos for free!


So  what are you waiting for ?

Start practicing your life drawing skills!




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