I’ve always wanted to write a blog…

I’ve always wanted  to write a blog, so  here goes nothing!

I  used to have an online journal, actually  now that I  think of it  I  used to spend a lot of my time as a teen  writing on live journal, deviant art, asianavenue ( why did I  ever let my best friend talk me into making a profile?..lol) my space ,  geocities website.  I  remember a lot of those pages required you  to know  some HTML  in order to  post  a picture or add a link.

In the past 5 years  I’ve been working non-stop.  Seriously I was trying to squeeze in time to sleep and see my loved ones.  I’ve been  working with my head down for so long I’m out of the loop with internet. Seriously  just found out what  the point of a hash tag was (OMG I’m getting old)

Things have slowed  down a  bit,  that or I’m getting better at this  balancing act as  chemist, fiance, aspiring marathon runner, closet artist, dog owner, home owner, soccer player and now blogger.

I created this blog so that I can  share with others  my personal experiences, passions, and ideas. So I  hope you join me  on my  blog  journey .


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