DIY Painting Tutorial on Youtube

Hello Lovelies ūüôā

I love the concept of paint nite. Where you go to  an art class at a local bar and you pay  to have a drink and paint for the evening with an instructor  guiding you through  a pre-planned painting. What a way to de-stress and have  fun with  friends.  It takes away thinking  and planning of an artwork. Which allows you to  focus on enjoying the process itself.

I love painting on my own but sometime  its so  hard or takes too long to come up with your own idea for a painting. I just want to pick up the paint brush and PAINT and destress!!

I found some  DIY painting tutorials on youtube that you can follow along and I love them. I  would love to invite my  friends over for some drinks and  follow a painting tutorial one day mimicking paint nite.

Here is what I ended up with  following a  video on Youtube.


Here’s¬†the video I followed in order to achieve ¬†my painting. I hope you ¬†try this DIY and ¬†enjoy yourself!